What I’ve been up to

So I was bitching about some of the groceries here so let me just mention that Daisy Sour Cream is really good. I usually don’t like sour cream just like that and only eat it in baked potatoes but Daisy’s tastes like German Schmand and doesn’t have that bitter after taste or that texture that makes you think baking soda is in it. So, yay! Having said that, I cooked twice so far this year, which is still pretty bad (2x in 10 days) but much more than this past month so I’m happy. I missed it! Can you believe that?! I had to cook almost every bloody day at home but I’ve really started to miss it. So I made asparagus with ham and potatoes the other day and tonight I had garlic shrimp pasta with fresh tomatoes and sour cream. Yummy!

Work has been going well. I saved the company some money by changing a booth at a trade show and designed some flyers. I was very shocked when my boss who normally doesn’t really give praise wrote “good job” and my other boss said “good job you can go home early”. Normally they don’t say anything or just a short “cool” so I was very happy. Timing is good for their outcries of praise because we need to discuss my next visa. Yikes!

Had a good time outside of work as well with lots of dinners with friends, a birthday party and my new subscription to Netflix. I’ve missed that! Tomorrow night Richard is flying in and we should have a fun weekend around Charlotte.

Oh yeah something random. About a month ago (actually when we were baking cookies) my ex from high school and early college sent me a message and after replying to him he wrote back this looooong one. Well turned out he and his girlfriend have broken up and now he wants to be friends with me. Don’t really see the point after 5 years of not hearing a single thing but oh-kay, I’m a friendly person. Very strange though. I’m so neutral towards him now, he feels like a stranger so I’m not quite sure how he imagines this whole friendship thing. Naja, lets see.


6 responses to “What I’ve been up to

  1. i am glad things calmed down in your life. and good job that you were able to your bosses proud. that’s always good. i love cooking it relaxes me and i love to be creative.
    guys are strange, aren’t they (your ex is) like whenever some girlfriend leaves them, they are remembering somebody else, just in case they could feel alone;-) lol

  2. lol. you and the guys! 🙂 congrats on your good work at work. hehe. and thanks again for your sweet cards!! your cooking sounds lovely, let me know when i should come over for dinner. 🙂

  3. glad to hear that your work is going well!!! and that you found sour cream of all things to remind you of home..hehehee

  4. I ever knew that you love cooking!

  5. Yay to the good job you’re doing! That’s always a great push to feeling better! Enjoy the fun weekend in Charlotte with Richard!

  6. Mmmm hams and potatoes, oh my golly it sounds so good.

    I wish my government made the visa process kinder for highly qualified, well-intentioned folk like you, but I know you’ve the smarts, patience, and touch of luck to see it through, so I pray for its swift finish.

    The weekend was so great fun! Miss ya.

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