Yes that’s right, we got some snow this week! It only lasted 15 hours but it was fun while it lasted. I hope that was all of winter for me this year but I think the forecast said snow for tomorrow and temperatures on Sunday from -10 – 2C. Fun – NOT! I can’t quite believe that it’ll be that cold but we’ll see.

So anyway, Rich and I had a great weekend here in the Queen City. After a yummy dinner with Stefan at Fiamma’s (service took forever but the food was good) I picked Rich up at the airport and we spend the night chatting and catching up. Good times! To make his trip worth wile, we did a touristy thing on Saturday and checked out Historic Latta Plantation. It was actually really nice with a civil war winter camp enactment and we enjoyed the sunshine out at their lake (yes it was still nice and warm then). A huge pasta lunch warmed us up at home again and then we relaxed some before it was time to head out again. We took the light rail (so cool) to uptown and watched the Bobcats lose against the Detroit Pistons. The game was well worth the 15$ tickets we got but unfortunately the cats lost in the very last minute. :(. But we had fun and continued to Fuel Pizza for dinner and then met up with Giorgio and some other people at Feast and then went to HOM where we danced the night away. Max was in town and he was super nice and dropped us off at home after closing time.
Sunday we strolled through my neighborhood for a long time with quick stops to grocery shop and grad a coffee. It felt so European to haul around groceries and walk around on side walks. Haha. At home we watched The Man of Aran, which our tour guide on the Aran Islands had talked about in Ireland. Interesting movie… Sushi at Ru Sans was a nice grand finale for a great weekend and it was sad to drop of Richie at the airport on Monday.

This week has been good so far. Cooked and watched National Treasure with Giorgio and then went to P.F. Chang’s with Vanessa and there should be more fun coming my way this weekend.

Work is going well. I love the combination of all that creative marketing stuff with the technical machine stuff and I’m learning so much. And good news, my boss wants me to stick around after my internship (yay)so it’s back to working on visa crap. Yugh! So seeing that I might be here for a few more years (let’s hope) I did some credit history building today and opened a savings account as well as applied for a credit card. Not too sure that they’ll give it to me but the lady insisted that we try that first before getting a secured credit card. OK then. What with my student ID good until March that might actually work. We’ll see.


8 responses to “Snow!

  1. busy girl, do you have a german amex? if so, you can exchange it for an unsecured american amex did you know?

  2. Kann da Capital One empfehlen. Die haben mir sofort eine unsecured gegeben. Out of my experience Amex is not that good, because it isn’t accepted everywhere. 😉

  3. wooow, so you went to achieve your american dream 😀 and you are doing it very well !!! congratulations 🙂 hope you manage to sort out the visa thing.

  4. Great, everything seems to go really well for you!!! Like to hear those good news! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. hallo sandra,
    bin gerade zufällig über deine website gestolpert, da ich mich mal über pratika in den USA informieren wollte.
    du hast nicht einen heißen tipp, wie man das am besten anstellt? habe zwar auch schon ein paar seiten gefunden, die praktika vermitteln, aber ich bin mir nicht so sicher wie trustworthy das ist.

    würde mich freuen, wenn du mir weiterhelfen könntest.
    vielen dank im voraus & liebe grüße!

  6. also ich hatte bof zuerst zwar secured, aber nur so fuer 2 monate dann kam schon die richtige creditkarte! musst mal sehen wie kalt es hier ist! 🙂 knutsch dich

  7. wow..congrats on the great compliment from your boss…so a few more years in the states! it’s kinda funny, because i’ve actually started to appreciate the small things that are offered here and i know a move is in our future back to cali…just not too sure when 🙂

  8. It was sooo much fun, such great memories. Totally awesome! I blogged about Day 1,
    Day 2,
    Day 3,
    and Day 4 and left photos at my Flickr photoset.

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