Just a quick entry before I’m leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow. I’m actually sitting on the patio of Starbucks here because my connection at home is non-existent and I figured my family would go crazy again if they don’t hear any updates. So I emailed. I’m so bad with keeping in touch without internet and phone at home. It really sucks! I feel bad! Und hallo Jenny, sorry Dir muss ich auch unbedingt schreiben und zwar in Deutsch!

So this weekend was really nice again. Actually this whole week. Let me make a list to manage to do that…..

oh funny, there’s a guy speaking German on his cell at the table next to mine. will have to talk with him….

A while ago some other guy stopped at my table and asked for my number and he was half German, too. small world…

– Monday Chadi and I killed more than a bottle of wine and ate chocolate a la Bridget Jones cause he was sad. Too much wine. Enough said.

– Wednesday I had dinner with a new German in Charlotte who doesn’t know any people yet. I know how that feels (hallo Ireland) and so we had a good time eating pizza and chatting. Afterwards I spent at least 2 hours at Target… hmmmm.. fun shopping!

– Thursday I had a business dinner with someone from a trade magazine. Good times and I got a lot of marketing advice so that was awesome!

– Friday night I hosted a little cheese and wine soiree and I went to ALDI and Trader Joe’s. I LOOOVE that store! Totally cool food for such little money. I was so happy. The party was great. I think we were about 15-20 people and the men weren’t even there. Good to finally see most of them again in one place.

– Saturday I watched Fun with Dick and Jane and that movie was sooo funny. Loved it! Watch it! Also did laundry and read a lot and then at night my neighbor Ash took me along to some Led Zeppelin cover band concert. totally not my type of music but it was so so so funny to see these guys dressed up like a 80s band. Scary really with the woman pants and the curly long hair not to mention all the fans. Teeheeeeeee!

So yeah tomorrow I’m flying to Las Vegas for that trade show and I’ll be back Satuday night so be good!

Sorry for not checking many blogs out lately, it just doesn’t quite work with the shitty internet connection and the busy life here. Miss you guys!


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  1. Have a good trip to Las Vegas busy girl!!!

  2. have fun in vegas! *smoochie*

    oh, and say “hi” to kevin from me if you happen to run into him as well 😉 he’s got shows there all the time now…

  3. sounds awesome! i love that “too much wine, enough said” comment. lol. very funny! so glad you are enjoying life! a guy asked for your number? ui and was he cute? have fun in vegas and stay away from the chapels. 🙂 love ya

  4. Wow, wow, you busy awesome gal! There’s no stopping a Sandra when she’s determined!

    Travel have awesome funnnnn.

  5. Enjoy Vegas.
    You life sounds just good, I am happy the USA seem to make you as happy as you had hoped while waitin for the Visa. 🙂

  6. i hope you have an awesome time in vegas. and your week indeed sounded pretty nice. i am glad things calmed down and you are enjoying your time. so what about those 2 german guys, that wanted numbers or you heard em talking german on the phone???? wanna know details:-)

  7. ohh..we loved trader joes…hubby used to take his sat. walks with bella in the bjorn and end up at trader joes…hehehe…were you this busy back in germany too??? have fun in vegas!

  8. Hoffe Du hast ne tolle Zeit in Vegas! 🙂

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