Back from Vegas

OK so I’m long back from Vegas and of course I haven’t had the time (or didn’t want to take the time) to update my little diary here.
Vegas started out with a very stressful day here at work but oh well. Had to pick up some last minute things from a big home-improvement store local to the area so by the time I got back home I had to drive to the airport instead of waiting or a cab. It’s a good thing I only live 15 minutes away from it. In fact that is sooooooo convenient, it almost feels like going to the train station in Germany. The flight was good and after checking into the hotel I met with my two co-workers and one of them was nice enough to walk the strip with me since I didn’t feel like standing around a casino. We walked all the way to the Mandalay Bay from the Imperial Palace and back (must have been like 6km in total). So nice! I was very impressed with all the nice hotels in Vegas!
The trade show was fantastic, too. I had such a good time talking to people and explaining our product to them. I love love love my job. I helped generating a lot of leads and it was just a very nice experience. The best thing though was all the good food. My colleagues must think I’m some sort of crazy person as I kept talking about food and demanded to eat all the time. We ate at the Venetian twice, then at Caesar’s Palace, and at the buffets at Paris and the Bellagio. Soooo yummy. I think I gained about 10pounds ;-). Luckily I did a lot of walking around though so that got it down to like 9 ;-).
I also really enjoyed all the free entertainment like the fountains in front of the Bellagio or the volcano at The Mirage but the best were all the nice hotels. Yeah, of course everything in Vegas is fake but I expected it and the only things that bugged me were the guys handing out all these cards for call girls and the fact that you had to walk through the casinos all the time to get to your hotel room, which made my eyes water. Though the newer hotels were much better with their air filtration.
The flight back was good and somewhat short and once I got back here I headed straight to Chadi’s birthday party. Great food at Luce’s and then a night of fun at HOM until 3:30. Afterwards 4 of us went back to my place for some wine and loads of laughter and at 6 I finally went to bed. What a fun party.
In the afternoon we went to brunch and then just hung out at Chadi’s and chilled, ate some cake and watched the superbowl. I was so happy that the Giants won. Yay!
The week so far has been really busy, too. Loads of stuff to do at work. I stayed until 8pm the other day because I had to finish something but luckily I love love love my job. I feel really quesy about the new visa. Ugh. Not good. I am just sooo worried because I sooooo love my job and Charlotte and I can’t picture myself in a German company where everyone is like Herr Mueller, Frau Meyer…. Yikes!
So Monday I was over at Vanessa’s place and she cooked the best risotto ever. Soooo good! Tuesday I cooked, which in itself is worth mentioning in my blog as I rarely do that…, not sure what I did yesterday, prolly just relaxing, and then today I had sushi with a nice guy. Tomorrow is dinner with Stefan and let’s see whatelse the weekend will bring. I feel like I have a cold coming on – yikes!

Night night people! I miss y’all!


9 responses to “Back from Vegas

  1. yeah, those guys slapping the cards all over the place were annoying. and i thought it was kinda weird how they were trying to hand them to C while we were walking together. hand-in-hand. really? …

    it makes me smile how much you love your job. i’m SO happy for you ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and did you see kevin james? ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Stefanie & Collin

    It’s good to read that you are loving your job so much. I always loved working in the USA and can’t wait to be back.

    Hey, you should find yourself a cute American and stay – forever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. great to hear that you had such a good time in LV ๐Ÿ™‚ those guys handing out the cards with the girls on them are indeed… WEIRD!!!
    anyway, i hope it’ll all work out with your visa. i know it’s quite the hassle!!
    fingers are crossed, sweetie.

  4. it’s good to hear that you had such a good and yummie trip to vegas. lol and i am pretty sure you didn’t gain anything at all:-) the thing that counts is that you had a good time, right?

  5. I’m really happy for you! Great to hear that you love your job, the city, found great friends…I keep my fingers crossed that you can stay!!!

  6. Ah, shush, you gained no weight.

    Ahhh, Vegas, I miss it so. What a world away from the world. I’m so glad you got to go combined with business! The buffets bring tears to my eyes. That I can’t enjoy them for a while makes me sad. Sigh.

    You sure know how to have fun :).

  7. ah you went to all the places we went to as well, how funny! i hope the visa thing will work out and you can stay there! who wants to work with herr mueller, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ glad you are back! big hug and a kiss!!!

  8. glad to hear you enjoyed your trip..those vegas buffets can be deadly ๐Ÿ™‚ .and that’s so cool how much you enjoy your job..not many people can vouch for that!!!

  9. Hey, could you send me your password again… I think I lost it.

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