Sanna Sleepy

Hello Peeps!

Boy, am I tired! Have been going to bed way too late this week and of course getting up early to go to work is just a big annoyance. 😉 Last night I think it was 1:30am, Tuesday 1am, Monday 2am, Sunday 1am… you get my point. And I slept alone all these nights so it’s not like anybody kept me awake. Last night I actually went out to dinner and then to the Irish pub uptown for a beer so that at least was a good excuse to go to bed late. But hmpf… not good… need to go to bed early tonight! (Have been saying that for at least the past 5 nights… oh the busy life…)

Last week was nice with sushi with a girl I know from when I studied here and then I introduced her to my guy friends and we had a fun time uptown. She totally stole my position as favorite German 😉 and is hanging out with my friends alone now, which totally wasn’t the plan. The plan was to reconnect with someone so when the guys do their things we girls could hang out. Uhm yeah. That didn’t work out so well I guess but maybe we’ll get a cute couple out of that one and I have a female ally, so, fine.

I hung out with David a couple of times, nice pizza from Brixx one night and then we spent Sat and Sunday together, miniature golfing and chilling at my place. Kind of strange for me to spend that much time with a person you don’t really know much about. OK so I spent that much time with my guys when I got here even though I didn’t really know them much but that was different. I think we’re still trying to figure out the other person so we’ll see where that goes.

An old friend from my high school year in New Jersey 1998/1999 was in town this week and thanks to facebook we got together for coffee and a little breakfast snack at Caribou Coffee. Sooo cool to catch up with eachother’s lives and to meet Janet’s friend Bill from Roanoke, too.

Sunday after being inside with nothing to do all day I was very glad to go out to dinner with my friends at night. Mezzanotte (the brick-oven pizzeria at Providence Plaza by Cotswold in Charlotte, NC (just for the heck of people that google it)) was ohhhh so yummy and reasonably priced. Fantastic gnocchi and then we went to the movies and watched Vantage Point. Fun!

Tuesday I ventured out to Southpark Mall to find a 1 or 2 cups stove-top espresso maker after not being able to find one at the mall here near I work (all they ever have are the big 6 cups capacity) (but however I did find Anthropology and boy that was a fun place to look around at – though *cough* too expensive for my taste). So, the smallest coffee maker at Southpark makes 3 cups so I’m hoping that Massimo can bring me a small one at half price from Italy and if not then heck I’ll pay the 20$ for a 3cup maker (ok it’s not the money that I mind that much, it’s the fact that the more water it holds, the longer it takes to get coffee (geee, all this writing about coffee just shows how tired I am ;-))).
Aaaanyway, I did not get a coffee maker from surlatable but I continued my hunt for something retail therapy worthy because for some reason I was kinda blue and entered the sacred haven of Steve Madden. Found a nice pair of shoes (so cute). For some reason I still didn’t feel ueber happy though and that evil apple store magically drew me in. 2 minutes later I walked out of there with a pink iPod nano and thankfully then I did feel good enough to leave the mall with a happy face. Yay retail therapy! 😀
Stopped by at Vanessa’s for a cup of echinazea tea (yum!) on my way home.

Last night the gang plus Chadi’s brother who’s in town and I minus the date (as he felt anti-social last night) went to a somewhat traditional Japanese restaurant, Musashi, that was frequented by real Japanese. The food was great and afterwards we went to that Irish pub like I said. Fun times but man, I need to get to bed early tonight!

So yeah that’s what’s been going on with me. Hope you’re all well! :-*


2 responses to “Sanna Sleepy

  1. Are you still German? You’ve become a young twentysomething American–already! That didn’t take long. I remember those days– late nights and comatose work days. At least you’re having fun. But be careful not to end up in Expat rehab.

  2. hope you get your little espresso maker…hubby was looking for one when we lived in the states too 🙂 … but now with the strong euro/sinking dollar the italian one may cost more…but at least it’ll cook faster 🙂

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