What A Lovely Weekend

People, I’m telling y’alls, spring is here! The trees are getting buds and some are blossoming and I’ve seen plenty of daffodils. Yay, I love it!

Had a really nice weekend that started off with fantastic food at David’s place. He made the perfect baked potatoe with yummy steak and an awesome salad oh and shrimps. Geee I got spoiled! We spent a nice evening in and I got to meet his cat, which was quite cute. Made me miss our farm cat Miet-Zieh (ok fine so you could also spell it Miezi ;-)). More spoiling the next morning when I was presented with bacon, eggs, and toast and the best normal coffee I’ve had since I left Good Ole Germany.

For Saturday I had promised Chadi to keep his brother from Canada company so we went to Ru Sans for sushi buffet (that was smart, stuffing myself even more after having stuffed myself with awesome breakfast). Afterwards we hung around Freedom Park and enjoyed the sun and then had coffee when Chadi got off from work. I went home then and we later met up for dinner at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar, a new burger joing in my neck of the woods. I had a small salad and that was about all I could handle but it was pretty good and how fun to choose from all their ingredient options!
Since Charlotte’s uptown was full of scetchy rappers (think Lil Kim, Bow Wow etc), we decided to stay clear of the area and instead went to the local Irish pub. Lots of fun and I ran into my neighbor, too, which was great as I didn’t have to walk home alone. Not far of a walk anyway but I feel much saver when I walk with a 2m tall giant.
I slept in on Sunday – finally – and then after talking to Ines and Dave in Germany via skype I actually went out and jogged for 1.8km (and so what if I walked about half of it…). We hung out at Dean & Deluca in the afternoon and let the sun shine on us, then went home and got ready for the opening party of the Mezzanotte restaurant here in town. Loads of amazing free food like pizza and tons of desert. This has got to be my new favorite Italian restaurant in town.
And since that wasn’t enough excitement for the weekend already, later that night we went to the movies and watched SemiPro. I think I slept through a quarter of the movie and my eyes were burning pretty badly from my allergic reaction to either David’s cat or Rossmann’s make-up remover pads. They are still all puffy and red today but a bit better so hopefully the multi-sympton allergy relieve medicine is doing its job….
Alas, today is Monday, 5 more days until the weekend and I have tons of work to do. Chop chop, back to work. Cheers! Hope y’all have a great week!


5 responses to “What A Lovely Weekend

  1. Wow, sounds great to get spoiled like that! What a wonderful weekend! I’m so hoping that spring we’ll be on it’s when when we are in Germany in two weeks!

  2. i totally have to look into that skype-thing. can you believe i have no idea how that works? do i need a headset or something? if so, do i have to watch certain things when i buy one? how much are those?

    we’re finally saying bu-bye to the t-com so no more call-by-call numbers for the US = we have to look into alternatives to call from D to there…

    am i making any sense at all? jeesh.

    just wanted to say: sounds like a great weekend and once i’ve figured out how it works, we’ll totally skype, too. 😀

  3. hey sweetie, that sounds like a really nice and yummie weekend. i love the awakening of the spring and all the spring flowers. my favorite are the tulips. i love them. i am always sad that their time is always so short. for whatever reason i never really use skype, since i usually use the yahoo or msn messenger to talk.haven’t realized any quality differences.

  4. how’s the story going on? I am sooo curious!!?? 😀

  5. I miss your Bento pictures! awww

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