Golfie in da Ghetto

So my nice day on Tuesday turned kind of nasty later on. I was at my friend Vanessa’s house for a dinner party / skin care party (think tupperware), which was fun and she had so much yummy food!
I walk back out to the parking lot and uhm well, it was empty! No car in sight! =-o. Ahhhhhh! So I lost my car. Well, worse, so I lost my company’s car! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! And what do you do at 10pm to find your car?! OK so granted I hadn’t parked in a real parking spot (cause that neighborhood doesn’t have any) but it wasn’t a completely illegal spot either. I would call it gray parking area but it sure was the most legal spot anywhere around there and I wasn’t blocking anybody or fire trucks throughway or whatnots). After a bit of frantic worrying and visuals of me sitting on the street and getting the rage of an Italian boss cursing at me, thankfully Vanessa’s roommate told us where to find the towing company’s phone number and that they tow like crazy in that neighborhood because some miserable punk calls the towing company all the time. Awww shucks!
I called the towing company and yes, they had in fact towed a silver Golf that night and no I could not get it back that night (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!) but would have to come in the morning and no he wouldn’t give me directions either but I should bring a ransom of 120$ to get the car back sound and alive. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Vanessa drove me home and then David came over (and it was after 11 already then) so I was very lucky. Through some investigation (thank you google) I found the towing yard’s address and it wasn’t that far away at all.
At the crack of dawn (ok so more like at 8) David and I set out to rescue Golfie. We drove through some sketchy streets and thanks to my impeccable sense of direction (or was it a car mommy’s instincts?!) we found the place, knocked on their dingy door, handed over the ransom, and rescued Golfie from the sketchy impound yard. That poor thing was so cold, its windshield was covered with dew. I was overjoyed to have it back and got to work only 20 minutes late. Not too bad and the boss wasn’t there yet so it’ll remain our little secret (not that I think he cares, he would probably laugh since I got the car back but it saved me from some embarrassment. Well, plus I let him eat my chocolate so he can’t say anything anyway. I knew a little food bribery here and there can’t hurt. ;-)).
So yeah, all is well in the end but I was a little freaked out to say the least ;-). Thank God for guys that drive 30 minutes to comfort you and protect you when you bail out your car from the ghetto.


6 responses to “Golfie in da Ghetto

  1. ah thank god. the good thing is that you found Golfie and bailed it out 🙂

  2. damn that sucks! du machst sachen…

  3. wow, that sounded like a fucked up day. i am glad you found the golfie back.

  4. Oh shit! I hate them when they take your car for “no reason” but only to make profit of it, giving you out any bad excuse taht your car wasn’t parked properly argh! anyways, glad you had it back … despite of the 12$

  5. oh my gosh what a scare! i am sorry about that sweetie!! but hey, thanks for heros that are there when you need them. hehe. hugs

  6. gosh that sounds like such a scam…$120 to get your car back 😦 …at least it was found in one piece 🙂

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