Viva Las Charlotte

Last night I got to experience another piece of American culture: The Strip Club.
In honor of my friend Luca’s birthday, we partied the night away starting with tapas at Arpa, drinks at Tilt, then some more drinks and some dancing at HoM (I love that place for playing something else than just hiphop/rap) before heading to The Men’s Club. We were a nice group of 3 drunk guys and 2 drunk girls so we had fun. Apparently you go there to have breakfast not to see the girls. Sure….
I have to say I was curious about the place. Rumors had it the breakfast buffet is the best in town. So we’re here in the south and the lady at the cash register perfectly fit the category Southern Belle. Blonde, maybe in her 40s, long hair and she called me Sweetie. Haha! Very nice. So we get seated and get some drinks (water for me at that point….). It was a very classy setting. Totally reminded me of the hotels in Las Vegas. Comfy chairs, nice lightning, nice bar. Around us, the employees were jiggling their behinds and breasts in middle aged gentlemen’s faces and did some artistic stretching exercises. Interesting outfits, too, ranging from strings to weird body coverings and then of course the obligatory stripper shoes. Ha! The plateau soles made their high heeled shoes not that high heeled anymore, like max. 4cm! That’s nothing! Explains why they can still dance on them… haha! Not to mention that I bet they make great self defense weapons.
So we grabbed our plates and headed to the buffet after deciding that strippers don’t have any other bodies than we do – like they’re not all with gigantic breasts and some of their abs are not that great either. So we figured we might as well stuff ourselves with a high calorie breakfast seeing that we were drunk anyway. Nice selection of eggs, bacon, eggs benedict (the best I’ve ever had!!), pancakes fruits etc etc and even custom made omelettes! Soooooo good! I think I’ll totally go back there just to eat that breakfast again. It’s a shame they close at 5am, they should totally stay open until 10am so you could eat a real breakfast and not just some filling for the drunk stomach. Oh well. I guess I couldn’t stomach all the almost naked women around me when not impaired so maybe it’s good that they’re not open during the day…. Although it felt so professional, that you really didn’t mind the nakedness around you. Kind of like at the gynecologist, it’s just professionalism, not anything sexual. I think the middle aged balding men were more disgusting than the ladies…
And what a nice ending, we left and the valet parking guy called a town car for us. Ah yeah so classy. 😉


8 responses to “Viva Las Charlotte

  1. hahahah u serious? wow such wacky experience, girl! I mean, were u able to eat eggs in the middle of that amount of naked women?lol
    Well… I understand, u had a god excuse: u were drunk! :):):)

    But it sounds like a very different and cool night out!! have photos?

  2. Haha, well I hope the guys there did perceive it as a bit sexual (for their sakes). 😉 I’ve never been to a strip club, but if it is a professionally run one, it would interest me to go too, sometime.

  3. lol. that is so funny! i am glad you had a helluva breakfast though. 🙂 pictures?

  4. Guys, of course I don’t have photos from the strip club! Got some from before though on flickr.

  5. no guys for the girls??

  6. lach. mein mann wollte dir zurueck schreiben aber du hast kein link da gelassen! 🙂

  7. It’s true, it’s about the impression of an emotional connection (or maybe just subservince?) from the stripper that makes them alluring as much as the physical. Remember, Sandra, it’s all in the head :).

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