Visa Crap

So the time frame where you could hand in your visa application is over (and my application is there – at least I hope so). So far so good. But they’ve already received way more than the 20000 available visas for American MBA holders. Alas, there’s going to be a lottery that determines who gets one. Then if you’re not a lucky winner *rolls eyes* you get thrown into the pot of other applications, which I’m guessing is probably at almost half a million applications (think last year 133000 received in first two days and this time everybody knew you only had the first 5 days to hand your application in), for the 65000 available visas. Oh fun…. 😦 Bloody hell….


10 responses to “Visa Crap

  1. Sorry I dont really understand, so you could get a visa because you have an MBA? But you have to win it? And if you dont then where do they put you? So confused…help me! 🙂

  2. Well H1B visas have a couple of categories. One is specifically for people with an advanced degree from an American university (think grad school). They have 20000 visas for that category. In the “normal” H1B category they have 65000 visas available. So if my application does not get selected in the MBA category then it has another chance to get selected in the normal category.

  3. i hear ya. the same thing happened to me two years ago when i applied for an H1B… and i didn’t get it. of course, in your case it’s going to be different! i know it!

  4. wird schon werden!! i keep my fingers crossed!

  5. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. fingers crossed! it’ll be fine 😉 *smoochie*

  7. fingers crossed! 🙂

  8. don’t give up hope. don’t you have better chances when your company supports you and tells them they “really” need you? my fingers are crossed.

  9. hang in there! gonna work out fine!

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