Bullet Posts

I figure it’s about time I do a regular update about what I’ve been up to in addition to those secret posts so here goes:

– Two weeks ago I was really bored on Sunday and so my buddy Markus dragged me along to some women’s wrestling movie set where we were spectators for Diva Mania’s World Championship. Yeehaw. We had a blast screaming and yelling and it sure did feel very rednecky. Watch the press conference here.
– The USCIS has selected all the visa petitions that get to apply for the H1B work visa and we should hear back from them by June 2nd.
– I went to the gym a couple of times. I suck badly at running so I wanted to go back on the cross trainer. Accidentally though I got on something like crossramp, which was very strange and made me feel like a complete idiot. Stayed on that thing though because I am so intimidated by other gym goers and the machines that I try to create as little attention as possible. *blush*
– Saturday I got up at the crak of dawn to go the monthly Intro to Yoga class at the gym at 8:30. That was interesting. Not sure if I can get into that but it felt like a good stretching for my body. Thankfully normal classes are at normal hours. 😉
– This weekend when I got out of the shower and looked into the mirror I actually saw me resembling my grandma who passed away last summer. That was an intense feeling. I’ve seen likenesses to my maternal grandparents and to my dad in photos of me or when I look in the mirror but I never really thought, oh yeah that looks like Oma Auguste. So that was nice. And then I realized I don’t think I know what my paternal grandpa looks like as I’ve never really seen many photos. So who knows what of him I have in me. Hmpf! 😦
– The weather has been getting nicer so I got to sit outside on my steps or at the cafe or on my friend’s balcony and enjoy the outdoors. Of course the weekends were usually somewhat icky though. 😦
– I got to drive up to High Point near Winston-Salem last week to visit my company’s sister company. It was a gorgeous day and the highways were really pretty with loads of green and loads of blossoming trees. Got to eat lunch outside at Micky D’s and I noticed how nice southerners are once you leave Charlotte. Now, they are nice in Charlotte, too, but there are so many transplants from the north and it’s a city that it’s really not that typical American friendly anymore. Nice to get out for a few hours and drive a nice car (as they deemed the golf not safe enough to go 1.5 hours on the highway (oops, surprised that we made it to Charleston and back ;-)).
– Did all the usual social activities like Massimo’s birthday party at Press, a nice new winebar uptown and then dancing at HOM and then sharing a taxi home with Chadi’s brother who tried to make a move on me (ewwww gross) but failed of course. A few dinners out, like Ru Sans with Birgit yesterday, a nice band, U Phonics, and good food this Friday at Ally Cat and the usual hanging out and coffe events, like Caribou with Daniele yesterday.


6 responses to “Bullet Posts

  1. Finally a decent update! 😉

  2. the experience you had with your grandma was interesting and i am sure it was pretty intense. u got me laughing picturing you in the gym on a new machine. i am sure i would be center of (laughing) attention when i would do it;-)

  3. The grandma experience hopefully gives you peace about who you are.

    Speaking of those before us, I read the phrase, “the past drives you to the chapel” while rifling through the library Saturday which has made me mucho ponderous since then.

    Glad to hear an update. Much love.

  4. haha… you’re so like me… i also try to stir up as little attention as possible in the gym as well 😉

    btw, i totally have to come and visit… i want to, i need to… i just have to find a flight and money ;(

  5. Hey how’s your Asthma been?

  6. thanks for the well wishes…that’s interesting how you saw oma in your face 🙂 … hubby, my sis, and I all agreed that kaylah resembles grandpa back in cali..and a lot of people commented that bella looks like oma 🙂 … hope all goes well with your visa app…

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