Nice Weekend

How was everybody’s weekend?
Mine was really nice, I feel like I made good use of it. Started out nicely with an after work beer at the Gin Mill with Ash, Luca and their coworker and her husband. Then my other neighbor and I went to dinner at the fancy Providence Cafe and we saw some pro golfer, Charles Howell III. We had all the golf hunks in town as the Wachovia Championship was last week. The maple glazed trout I ate and the spinach-artichoke dip were super yummy. It was actually pretty cool because I had been craving trout a couple of days before that and was wondering where I could get some. So yay.
I was very productive on Saturday. I cleaned the house and did two loads of laundry before going to Target and spending way too much money. Well, I had to get a mother’s day gift and then they had some cute shorts and shampoo and conditoner and Windex and so on and well it all added up….
Grocery shopping and then I met Birgit at Starbucks and got cappuccino in a real mug (because cappuccino just doesn’t taste good out of a card board cup in my opinion). Funnily enough there were two German ladies sitting at the neighboring table. We’re everywhere…..
Saturday night Luca, Ash and I went to Mezzanotte for some pizza and then to Tyber Creek for some drinks and that was fun. It’s just so nice to be able to sit outside at 10pm in a t-shirt and then walk home. I love it!
Sunday morning I went all out and had greek yoghurt with fresh berries, orange juice and home made cappuccino (better than Starbucks…) on my front steps and read US weekly for like 2 hours. Hmmmm. So nice!
I went to pilates class at 2pm and that was awesome. I felt realllllly good afterwards though today my back feels as if it’s bruised from all that rolling around. Well, as if that wasn’t enough, after showering and lounging around the house for a while I walked to Home Depot (that’s 2+ miles away). Yeah really stupid to do that when it’s 26C and sunny outside. So while I was walking I thought, oh, 2+ miles… that’s more than 3km. Oh, walking there and back that’s like 7km. Dahamn. Let’s just say I was kind of sick of walking when I got there and walking with a clay flower pot wasn’t the coolest thing to do either. Duh! Stupid Sandra. Luckily my neighbor just text messaged me when I left the store so he came to my rescue and I got to ride home in an airconditioned car. Glueck gehabt.
So then I drove to Dean & Deluca at Phillips Place to celebrate Andrea’s birthday. He made sure we all had enough Prosecco and food infront of us and it was really nice to sit outside and catch up with everyone.
Afterwards (oh yeah the weekend is still not over…) we had a little neighborhood hang-out on the sidewalk just like last summer. Great fun to catch up with the guys who I hadn’t seen in forever or who moved away and slurp some beer (Becks ;-)).

So yes, it was a slam packed weekend, loads of fun. How was yours?


6 responses to “Nice Weekend

  1. Stefanie & Collin

    Every single time I read or hear Dean & Deluca I think of the TV series “Felicity”. 🙂 One of my more favorite TV series ever. 🙂

    Starbucks in a real mug… I only thought that existed in Germany?!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! We worked our asses off in the garden but are hopefully getting somewhere. Had a nice finish though, BBQ with American friends!

  3. Yeah you have to explicitely tell them that you want a FOR HERE cup. 🙂

  4. what about the good stuff? 😉 i was hoping for another secret entry. hehe. big hug

  5. weird, no comments work here

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