Update from The Busy Girl

Ok yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve written and I wish I had done it more frequently because I am starting to forget what I’ve been doing. Life here in Charlotte is just sooo busy. There are days on which I have sooo many things going on. Take Thursday two weeks ago for example. After work Birgit and I walked our 5km route, which usually takes us an hour. I went home and showered and then went uptown to Press, a wine bar, to meet with Luca and Ash and their co-worker whose birthday it was. I hung out there for a bit and had some yummy pita and hummus and then drove to M5 to meet the girls there for a drink. Yes. Busy. Well, that is an above average busy day even for me 😉 but I usually have at least one thing going on every single day here and whenever I don’t, I feel bored soooo easily. I don’t know how I lived in Germany!!

Some things I’ve been doing lately:
Was visiting my sister in Connecticut this weekend. I got to CLT airport and get in line for security and – wam! They close security right in front of us and lock down the entire airport. Of course we didn’t know what was going on but luckily after 45 minutes they opened it again. I already saw myself waiting there until late late late. Hung out at Anke’s for a bit and then took the bus to New Haven to visit Uti. We strolled around Yale University, went to IKEA, hung out on her awesome balcony (oh I so want one) and then went a Hibachi Grill. So much fun seeing the chef grill stuff right in front of you and flipping and throwing food. Saturday we saw Ute’s doc and then went to Starbucks and the mall where I left a lot of money. But, they didn’t charge any tax so in essence I saved 17$ compared to shopping in North Carolina. Ha! We also participated in some yummy consumer research and got 12$ for that. Nice!
Then my sis came and we all hung out some more on Ute’s balcony with some pizza from Pepe’s until we decided to join the group in Norwalk with Steffi. We left the husbands to themselves and their beers and had a lovely picnic at the beach and then yummy Thai food before returning to Anke’s place and falling into bed.
We played with the dogs on Sunday, took a stroll through Glastonbury with some java from *$$ (Starbucks, eh? ;-)), barely escaped a thunderstorm, went into Target and then I flew home again. Connecticut was really pretty and the houses in my sister’s town were cozy and cute and homely and didn’t all have that same annoying neighborhood look as a lot have here. But, I was glad to go back to Charlotte. Feels so much younger and less like family life (I don’t mean my sis, I mean it feels like it’s a place for families to live, not singles). Yay Queen City!

– Went running last Wednesday and fell over a wide, dark speed bump. I rolled over it like a stuntman pro though and didn’t land on my knees or hands. Got a fantastic bruise out of it; it’s huge and dark! Sadly no one stopped to see if I was ok but I guess I did wave that I was ok when they looked. Hmpf. So I got up and continued running. Of course I sucked but oh well. 😉 I still have quite a way to go before reaching my goal of running 5k without walking in between.

– I had a software class at the local community college for two days the other week. It was fun to be a student again and I learned a lot of cool things. Here’s to hoping that the company makes some money so I can go to Advanced Illustrator…

– My parents and my sister are coming in 6 and 7 days! I’m so excited!!! They’re gonna stay for a week and then I’m off to Atlanta for a trade show. Wish it was longer but oh well. :-/


7 responses to “Update from The Busy Girl

  1. You busy girl! I would be dead with your schedule… but visiting your sister and Uti sounds NICE!

    Have fun with your family!!!

  2. Enjoy the busy and fun lifestyle! Sooner than you know it, you will reach your “midthirties” as well 😉 Enjoy the family time!

  3. awww i still miss you sweetie!!! it was so nice to have you here! enjoy counting down the days til your family gets there! knuffelbuffel

  4. be happy that you just bruised yourself. you know how good i was at my last jogging trip;-) you really sound busy girl. but as long as you enjoy it’s all good,right?

  5. No pics avail.(response to your comment)! So you admit Germany is boring (j.k.). You’re living the life of Riley- glad to hear it!

  6. I am passing along to you, with best wishes, the Brilliant Weblog Award. Details for this award and how you can also pass it along to your favorite blogs is on my site!

  7. I saw the pics with you and Uti. Awesome.

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