Spring Is Here

Crazy to think that only a week ago we got hit by a winterstorm and got almost 10cm of snow when today people are walking around in shorts and flipflops at 26°C! The snow transformed the city into a beautiful winter wonderland and the streets into ice-skating rinks. So lucky me, I got to sleep in! Didn’t have to go to work until noon on Monday and 10am on Tuesday. The sun here is so powerful that it melted the ice on the streets right off – took a little longer in my parking lot but eventually the warmth prevailed – flip flops today.
Sometime during this week the weather changed. I didn’t quite notice. Thursday I stayed home sick with the flu. Hadn’t had the flu in what feels like forever. I felt really sick but in some weird way it was nice to do nothing but sleep and nap and doze and concentrate on getting better. I think a few more days and I’ll be back to normal. Can’t wait to go back to the gym!
I still love love love my apartment. It is hard to believe that I went from no furniture to everything (and more ;-)) in a little over a month. I was heavily anticipating the opening of a well-known Swedish furniture chain. Funnily by then I already had a ton of great home fillings and most even better value than IKEA pieces! Got a great coffee table (ok so it’s officially a bench) from Target for 35$ (reduced from over 100) and so on. Yay! The place really feels like my place and I feel very comfortable there.
Other than that, it’s a recession, baby! The economy is rotten. Most likely I am back to working 40 hours so that is great news! Yay! 🙂


7 responses to “Spring Is Here

  1. AN UPDATE!!
    I can’t believe it!
    Good to hear from you and glad you’re (almost) over your flu and love your new apartment.

  2. now there you are with an update after what feels like forever and all you do is tease us with the weather *grummel* j/k. good to hear from you and that you feel comfi in your new place. 🙂

  3. glad youre updating. but what we really wanna know is more about your dating life!! so fill us in LOL

  4. yeah welcome back sweets! cant wait to come by and see your new apartment. when can we stop by? 🙂 glad you get your 40 hours back! i only work 37.5 haha. kisses

  5. Well done! Hopefully I get to see it all sometime!

  6. Wow, you are still alive…had me worried! I love this warm weather. I can drive to school and work with the windows down. I can leave the layers of shirts at home. I can go get the mail without a jacket on. Whew! Soon we will complain about the heat though. Glad your apartment situation is going well. =)

  7. Great to read an update.
    I work 38 hours and I am most likely will be back to 35 soon as the situation over here is very bad right now.
    We have short-working-hours and one of my colleagues has to go as he was still in his probation period.

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