Color Challenge Reveal

What a fun project this was! Call me slightly insane as November was looking to be super busy with a conference in Savannah and a trade show in New York but I loved both color palettes I was given in this challenge so much I wanted to make something for both.

1. Richat Structure

This stunning satellite photo of the Eye of The Sahara or Richat Structure inspired Birgit’s birthday necklace:

The satellite photo immediately reminded me of a green aventurine donut that I had in my stash. I paired it with aventurine chips, dark green saguaro jasper, semi-baroque pearls and seed beads. Everyone knows Saguaro Cacti so what better gem to use in a dessert inspired piece of jewelry?! Anyway, my BFF who got it for her birthday seemed to like it. 🙂

2. Campeche

This bay in south-eastern Mexico looks too awesome! I instantly craved being at the beach with a margarita in my hand. Alas, I had more pressing things to do like designing a Campeche-inspired bracelet. I did want to incorporate the fun Mexican feel this photo gave me so I went digging through my beads. While I found the cutest red flower beads and gorgeous teal beads, something was missing. The gals at Beads on A String shop luckily had just what I wanted: a luscious giant pebble of red coral. Yum!

Campeche Bracelet

For a while now I had been wanting to use these woody feel Betel nut beads so I combined them with the pebble and red quartzite for the center strand of the bracelet. I added a strand of imperial jasper and three of the dainty red flower beads. I love how they are carved but was always worried they would make a piece look like fresh out of a Chinese restaurant. Disaster averted I’d say. Quite pleased with how fun they look next to the turquoise jasper.

For the third strand I strung red shell beads and three bigger imperial jasper beads. Then I carefully twisted and braided the strands and attached them to the other end clasp. This was my first time to try to make a twisted three strands bracelet and let me tell you, after all that careful arranging it was a bit disappointing to see how with some twisting and turning of the clasp you can straighten them back out and re-braid them. Duh! Nice surprise I suppose. 🙂

I’m quite pleased with how these two projects turned out and had a lot of fun pushing my jewelry making horizon. What a great challenge!


42 responses to “Color Challenge Reveal

  1. Like the bracelet. Interesting texture and combination of beads.

  2. Weren’t the Challenge of Color palettes just beautiful? I was so happy with the ones I got. You made such gorgeous pieces with yours! You did a fantastic job on this challenge!

  3. Both pieces really match the pallettes but that Mexican pallette bracelet is so feative! I love it!

  4. You matched your palettes quite nicely. I like the bracelet unbraided just as well as braided, so success! Good job!

  5. I loved your palettes – and your designs are both super. I love the refreshing and relaxing feel of your necklace. However, your tri-strand bracelet and choice of beads is SUPER! JLynn

  6. Both of those are beautiful, but I am just taken with your bracelet. You really captured not only the colors in the palette, but also the feel of the area. I am in love!

  7. Great pieces of jewelry. I smiled when I read that you had so carefully braided the bracelet, and then after noticed that you could untwist or twist it. Sounds like something I would spend so much time on; I will have to check that in the future. Helpful tip. That bracelet is so interesting and fun. The nut beads really add a contrasting element to it. Nice!

  8. I love both pieces but the second one is my favorite. So unique!

  9. That Campeche bracelet….LOVE!

  10. Sensational – love the palettes and your enterpretation! Just gorgeous Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  11. You look like you had fun with your color palettes. My favorite is the festive Campeche bracelet.

  12. I love both the very organic look in your Richat-inspired piece and your high contrast Campeche bracelet, Sandra. I imagine you must have been tickled when you found that perfect red coral focal; turquoise and coral look so delicious together!

  13. Great job on using your color palettes. I like Brigit’s necklace the best.

  14. I love both, but I’m crazy over your second palette! That bracelet absolutely captures the feeling on not only the palette but the area. I’d love to be on a beach with a margarita in my hand right now, too!

    Thanks for playing along!

  15. I like both, although I am partial to the necklace simply because it’s done in my favorite color…..greens.

  16. Beautiful responses to the challenge. WOW!

  17. As well you should be! I think they both turned out great. I love all the mix of textures

  18. The second palettes has become one of my favorites. You did a great job translating it into the bracelet.

  19. You certainly rose to the Challenge, Miss Sandra! I love shopping in my own bead stash and it is quite surprising how I seem to have everything I need! I like that first necklace with it’s beautiful greens and the round donut is the perfect shape to evoke that bullseye! I do so love the Campeche, though. You are right, I want a margarita and I want it stat! Preferably served beachside by a cute waiter named Armando 😉 Thanks for joining in the Challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

  20. LOVE your pieces…simply beautiful!

  21. You really captured the detail of the first palette with that necklace. And I love your fun, funky bracelet for the Campeche palette. I’ve never tried a twisted, multi-strand bracelet, but your’s inspires me to try. What great pieces.

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