Pinteresting: Wedding Invitation Ornament

Wedding Invitation Ornament made by Sannipanni

Wedding Invitation Ornament

I had wanted to show you guys some gifts I made last year but of course couldn’t write about them before Santa had delivered them. 🙂 As you know I may or may not have a minor addiction to Pinterest, which is your own collection of wonderful virtual pinboards to “pin” – save- all those great links that would otherwise have non-descript names like “Mashed Potato Recipe 1, 2, 3” in your overflowing bookmarks menu. Curious? These are my Pinterest Boards.
With Christmas quickly approaching, I found myself pinning loads of crafty things last fall – one of them being Christy Robbins’s Wedding Invitation Ornament. My best friend got married last year and, as luck would have it,  I had never gotten around to taking their invitation from my car’a passenger door storage.
An empty, clear ornament from the craft store later I cut her invitation in stripes, curled them around a pen, and placed them in the ornament. Added a cute piece of wedding dress inspired ribbon and in a gift box it went.
I was super happy with how easy to make this super sweet ornament was and the newly weds loved it!

Only wished I would have thought of this before all the other weddings I attended in the past years. Ergo, do yourself a favor and save this year’s invitations so you can make the most thoughtful Christmas gifts this December!


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