My Favorite Valentine

12 Valentine Roses

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For over a year now I’ve had the kindest and funniest man in my life. As an extra bonus he is criminally good looking! As if that weren’t enough he apparently has a great talent for Valentine’s Day planning:

I was supposed to meet him at his house for a lovely home-cooked meal that evening. So I rush home after work to get dolled up and drive the 30 minutes to him. Little did I know he had set up camp at my apartment, set the table with candles and a dozen red roses and was getting ready to cook. Awwww! Super awesome surprise! I could not stop grinning! Extra bonus points for getting sparkling cider while I finish up a course of anti inflammatory meds and can’t drink. So thoughtful!!

I did get all dolled up, and then I relaxed watching him work in my kitchen. I don’t know about you but for me this definitely beats sitting elbow to elbow in a packed restaurants! While I was drooling at the sight of a hot man in my kitchen, the hotness whipped up a crazily delicious and most impressive meal of seared dry diver scallops with sauteed mushrooms on a bed of spinach. He had also thought of bread and a great salad and BAM, home-made chocolate covered strawberries and blood orange segments. Definitely a magical meal!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Chocolate covered fruit

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Toasted with our sparkling cider (sooo weird), ate the chocolate covered fruits, exchanged cards (one was from zee doggie :D) and some surprise lingerie for me *soooo spoiled* before we curled up on the sofa to watch Hotel Transilvania. Perfect evening!

Truth be told, I deserved it. Awesome girlfriend that I (hopefully) am, I had gotten him a Clay Matthews junior fat head for his future closet in my place. Yeah, Clay Matthews is in the closet. Go laugh.

Clay Matthews Fathead for the man

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Hope y’all’s Valentine’s Day was filled with love as well! XO


3 responses to “My Favorite Valentine

  1. Can I first emphasize again how happy it makes me that you’re blogging again? Also: perfect Valentine’s surprise! You have a keeper! 🙂

  2. Blogging is one of my resolutions for 2013… I do have to force myself though! Hopefully it’ll become easier again soon. XO

  3. I am late with reading, but I ave to say the Valentines Day sounds perfect!!!

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