Take on The New Year – My 2013 Project

My 2013 Project

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Not even two full months into the year and I am already behind one of my resolutions: Blogging twice a month. Well, twenty-four times that is so I suppose I can still catch up on that one! 😉

A few years ago in 2013 I created a great New Year’s Challenge and it really helped to make a conscious effort to live life more to the fullest. The intentions had always been there but who doesn’t love checking off boxes after tackling a task or reaching a goal. I did lovingly subtitle the 2010 project “Sandra’s semi-neurotic quantification of New Year’s resolutions – a year long project”. It was great fun and I did complete quite a few of my goals.

Being 30 and turning 31 in ’13 feels like a great time to reflect on my life and make a conscious effort to live an even better one so I decided to have another challenge this year. There are a few goals that are repeats (like FINALLY running a 5k race) and a few are completely new (like the jewelry making related ones).

This year’s categories are: Health, Home, Fun, Sannipanni Jewelry, Finance, Personal Development and Miscellaneous. Stay tuned to see what I’m up to and what goals are in those categories! What about you? Any goals for this year?


3 responses to “Take on The New Year – My 2013 Project

  1. What a great idea your goals! Do you have them in writing up on the fridge or something? I always only choose one goal and then I forget it two weeks into the new year. I should start writing them down and putting them in sight so I don’t for get them and can check them off,

  2. I have a notebook with fun magazine cut-outs and a heck of a lot of check boxes. I’ll post some photos next! You SHOULD! It’s fun! XO

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