SoCal Round-Up

Oh how wonderful it was to get away from Charlotte’s pollen-loaded spring and spend a week in breezy Southern California. Granted it was for work, this trade show went super smoothly and we had a few hours off as well. A piece of freight went missing but hey, this wasn’t my first rodeo so Plan B went into effect and all was well. Disaster averted!

California has such pretty flowers!

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I always enjoy going to this SoCal show. No I don’t get to experience the flashy & fancy OC tourist experience and there is never any beach time but there is something about the palm trees and the exotic (for this German anyway) flowers that puts me in a good mood. Appears to work on everyone out there, too. People seem perpetually happy and friendly. Oh and have I mentioned the low humidity? My hair seems to jump out of its frizz and stand straight like a soldier as soon as I get off the airplane! Love it!

This was my 4th year there and I still have not made it to DisneyLand but I had a view of it from my hotel (that’s pretty cool for trade show hotel living) and we enjoyed strolling around Downtown Disney one evening and had dinner at ESPN zone. Actually a pretty cool place with OK food. I suppose you go for the sports competitions not a cook-off.

Going as smoothly as the rest of the trade show, dismantle was done midday Sunday and our local rep there took us to this little outdoor outlet mall The Block @ Orange.

Fanciest Dave & Buster ever. #TheBlockOrange

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The boys lingered after lunch at the prettiest art deco arcade to play video games and I got to do some shopping! 😀 Got to refill my recently decluttered closet… You have no idea how thrilled I was to find a pair of mint pants at H&M for about $20. Who cares if they go out of style next season?! 😉

Mint Pants - H&M

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So long SoCal, I’ll see you again next spring and maybe 2014 will be the year that I’ll get to say hi to Mickey Mouse.

Catching the Arizona airplane today

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