This Is Really Good – Photo A Day 3


Cheetos with Jalapeños that came with my lunch today. Couldn’t pass up on them but dang, should have eaten three lactaids and not just one!! Yup, over the past two years or so I’ve become lactose intolerant – or as my friend Meghan lovingly calls it, lactarded! 🙂 I always thought that was some crazy disorder but apparently it is quite common for (especially) adults to stop being able to digest dairy properly. I’ve found easy solutions: eat less dairy, take lactase when you do and choose cheeses that are mature enough to have no lactose left in them (currently loving Cabots Reserve Chedder Cheese). Thankfully I’m finding more and more lactose free dairy products, too. I have to say though, Germany surprisingly has a leg up on lactose-free products. Over there it has become the “gluten-free” label of the day. Here in the US gluten-free definitely has been a much bigger buzz compound word than lactose-free. To me that’s quite surprising since about 75% of adults have some degree of lactardedness (says Wikipedia) compared to less than 1% of the population having Celiac Disease and requiring gluten free products (also Danke Wiki). So looking at those numbers, next time your annoying co-worker has flatulence, why not have a talk about lactose intolerance to clear the air?!


2 responses to “This Is Really Good – Photo A Day 3

  1. Gluten-free has definitely become almost epidemic here in the US. I have a gluten intolerance and it’s interesting to see how many more GF options there are compared to when I found out about my intolerance 4 years ago! Oh and my boyfriend calls me a glutard, so I can relate to the lactarded nickname. 😉

    We will have to meet up some time since we live in the same city! I am glad San sent you to my blog! 🙂

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