Stars – Photo A Day 10

Stars - Photo A Day 10 #fmsphotoaday

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I am really enjoying this Photo A Day challenge. Thinking of a good photo opportunity every day is actually fun and I really enjoy writing a bit about some of the photos on here.

So May 10th photo theme of the day was “Stars”. I do love stars (chunks of rock in the sky that is, not necessarily hyped-up starlets of Hollywood)! We were on this wonderful road-trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon (sooooooo awesome! Go see it if you haven’t yet) and on the way back from hiking in the Grand Canyon National Park we kept craning our necks to see the amazing night sky. It’s something. The desolateness of the desert and the absence of any human-made light sources made this a very humbling experience. Just us three friends and a million stars shining above us in the sky.
And then somebody mentioned scorpios and we all got the heck back into the car and focused on moose on the road instead of constellations in the sky. Ah yes, the wild wild west.

Arizona Sunset


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