Boxes, Boxes, More Boxes and A Speedy Cigar Puffer

Packing! #NewHouse

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Seriously, there are boxes everywhere! For the past five days they have ruled my life. A life that I neatly boxed up at my old apartment, then hauled over to our fantabulous new house and that is now randomly half unpacked. Oh, and we are now forever indebted to our awesome friends who helped move. Add zee man’s boxes and furniture and we are in the middle of what looks like a Serbian minefield. But it’s our Serbian minefield and it feels really good! I’m super excited to put together all the rooms and get rid of the chaos so we can start our new life.

The one thing we got off the to-do list was our lawn. Since the sellers had moved three weeks ago it looked like the Hillbillies were living at our home. It was friggin’ tall grass (and weeds)! And though the boyfriend bought an oh so snazzy mower (as far as he is concerned – they all seem the same to me in all honesty… ;-)), this week has been way too stressful to even think about tackling that project.

Well, bright and early Tuesday morning, I was still rubbing the sand out of my eyes, we heard a lawnmower next door. Fancy that, a pick-up with trailer and an unfamiliar looking, old man pushing an industrial mower at what seemed like 100 miles per hour. All the while he is happily puffing on a cigar. You betcha’ I sprinted out there and flailed my arms to make sure he saw us in all his cigar and lawn bliss. “Yup, no prob, will come right over,” he said. Fantastic. We now have a fill-in lawn mower that speaks English, is very reasonable and will most definitely wake us up at 7am every time we call him. Youtsh. Small price to pay. Didn’t think I’d ever be so excited about a lawn-mowing, cigar-puffing silver-haired man. Oh homeownership…




3 responses to “Boxes, Boxes, More Boxes and A Speedy Cigar Puffer

  1. OH, and you guys even bought! so brave 🙂 Happy to hear everything is going well… as a moving in might be hehe 😉 crazy boxes days, you think you will never get rid of them!

  2. I doooo think I will never get rid of all those boxes. 😀 Well, one box at a time.

  3. I have to confess there have been two boxes unpacked for nearly a year in our house,…

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