Spring is here!

Finally finally finally spring has arrived! This winter was unusually cold for North Carolina. It’s not every year that we get a foot of snow! Strangely enough zee parents kept telling me it was an unusually warm winter in Germany. Go figure!
In any case, spring is here now and will hopefully stay. Mind you spring in the Carolinas usually means 25C all of a sudden with a few days of what us Central Europeans think of as spring.
So while in the fall and winter we spent a lot of time working on our house’s insides now we’re hitting the yard.
I have this experiment going on called “a garden”. You could also call it project “I hope my thumb is greener than it looks”.
Michael helped me build a raised garden bed and fence and I sowed carrots, beers, spinach, arugula, mesclun and lettuce. Three weeks later things have sprouted!!! To me, that’s success! If all goes well we should be able to harvest our own organic, locally grown, garden to table veggies in a few weeks! OMG! My farmer step-dad is so proud.


Then we also got patio furniture! In fact, I’m sitting on one of the comfy chairs right now typing this! The birds are chirping, Alfi-Dog is laying next to me and right at this moment life is good.
The patio is still work in progress and I have lots of plans for some more additions once I get back from next week’s trade show in – drumroll – Sweden!!!
For now, cheers my dears!



7 responses to “Spring is here!

  1. Well, everybody in the US BUT California had a hard winter, I guess. It was way too warm and dry here for us…
    I wish we had a garden. I tried to grow some veggies in pots on our little balcony, but honestly, it’s not the same as a garden. Can’t wait to see what you harvest!

    • Ha yeah unusual all over the place I suppose! 🙂 Sure you weren’t complaining about the heat. 😉
      Container gardening seems like an awesome idea – on Pinterest anyway. Lol. Don’t give up!!

  2. Your garden comes along nicely 🙂 we still have so much work to do … This year we are going to take away the flower beds as we just can’t keep up with weeding! Sweden, really? Backside ( east) or front side (west)?

  3. Well what’s brrrr for you is actually quite the warm spring for us 😉 cherry flowers in april? Totally unheard of… Gothenburg is about 450 km from stockholm. It’s a beautiful city, enjoy your stay even if it’s a bit chilly 🙂

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