It’s A Summer Party…

… Come on come on come on! Yup, that was a TERRIBLE German song from one of my favorite soaps probably about 2 decades ago.  One thing I’ve learned from living abroad: Germans are known for bad taste in music. Not sure what happened after Bach and Beethoven but our (supposed) obsession with David Hasselhoff sure hasn’t helped us.

Anyhow, I’m another year older! I have no idea where the first half of the year went but it definitely flew by in what seemed like a split-second. Wasn’t it just last week that we had champagne at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve?! Alas, summer is pretty much in full swing here in the Carolinas. When I walk out the door in the mornings a blanket of heat engulfs me. I’m quite lucky with the new job though – they don’t cool the office down to icebox level (just to comfort level) so I can actually wear cute summer dresses to work! #winning

This past weekend I had invited a few people over to celebrate and I have to say, our house is just perfect for entertaining! So happy about that! Definitely was missing an attached outdoor space and the yard in my old apartment. I had found some cute decorative paper elements and finally found a reason to buy a few packs of those super adorable paper straws. The backyard looked awesome!


I slaved all day getting groceries, decorating and preparing shredded pork BBQ from the crockpot, a Greek salad and some delish pink lemonade cupcakes. It always looks so freaking effortless on Pinterest!!! Roar! OK so it probably would have been less stressful had I gotten up earlier and not procrastinated as long but come on, it was my b-day! Thank heavens for friends that don’t mind lending a hand when they come to party! Great times! The soccer world cup was on, we played some horseshoe toss, there was music on the patio and the sun was shining.

The best thing however was when Michael unexpectedly made it to the party! He was supposed to fly to South America but they wound up having enough crew and he was able to come home! Guys, you have no idea what it means when your junior pilot is home on a Saturday night AND it’s your birthday party! 🙂 SQUEAL!!!


2 responses to “It’s A Summer Party…

  1. What a fun party! Your backyard looks perfect for entertaining! When can we come visit?

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