Old Websites

A cute overview of websites I built in high-school and college. These are too funny to hide and they were actually quite nice back in the days when sparkly .gif animations were all the rage. 😉

I first built a website because I thought it was cool. Later it became a way to show off pictures, to keep friends from overseas informed and a place for me to be creative. I really enjoyed webdesign (when it was super simple) and funnily I usually started working on my websites when I’m stressed.
The first html editor I used was AOLpress. It had nice tutorials and worked pretty well until I started using multiple tables and inline frames. I managed to do the tables with a simple editor. I think it was Notepad. However, I started using Microsoft Frontpage and had been using it for quite some time.

The hibiskus version of Sanna’s Net is actually the first one for which I created all graphics. Needless to say I am quite proud of it.

My websites were hosted on my university’s servers but now that I’ve graduated I’m using wordpress and flickr to store my photos. I have an old journal at xanga but wordpress makes having multiple pages much easier so from February 2007 on this will be my blogprovider of choice.

Below you can see some of the previous layouts.
Unfortunately I didn’t save my very first website design from summer 2000. It was very pink!! There were all sorts of animated .gif pictures and it was painful to read the yellow writing. Nevertheless, I liked it.

The second version of Sanna’s Net was black with pink writing. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist anywhere either 😦

May 2001
– bilingual and with great animation from Cobii
I found this in an online archive that’s why one picture is missing.

White with Rosebouquet
June 2002
– white rose

Yellow and Pink Hearts
November 2002
– pink and yellow hearts

December 2002
– X-Mas

January 2003
– winter design

February 2003
– pure rose

September 2004
– hibiskus

March 2005
– breathe

collage entry

collage inside
September 2005
– mosaic


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