Who In The World Is Sannipanni?

Sannipanni is a marketing & international business professional that is walking the fine line of being young and being old. In this blog she is writing about her semi-grown-up life as an immigrant in Charlotte, NC. By her side are her four-legged companion Alfi-dog, her priceless friends, and the frog that has been turning out to be prince charming (she hopes anyway).

Sannipanni grew up with two younger sisters on an organic farm in good old Germany (oh yes, it totally looks like DisneyWorld – not – OK maybe in the historic parts of town). Same two sisters coined her nickname Sannipanni. A name that proved to be unique enough to not require numbers in email addresses and blog user names. This chick just ain’t a “cuteGerman1982abc” generic! She does kind of like the nick-name now. A lot. Thanks Ankipanki and Ninipini! 😉

In her teens, Sannipanni’s wanderlust kicked in and she left zee little German farm and zee Familie to explore the great big world. Namely that exotic place called New Jersey. A fabulous year later Sannipanni knew she wanted to explore more of this huge, strange country ‘muhrrrica! An internship in the prairie of Illinois followed (yay Chicago – bleh prairie) prior to grad school in North Carolina. Boy did she enjoy living in Charlotte! She worked in Ireland for a bit (and wrote some hilarious blog entries about her time there) and then landed a job as marketing manager back in the Queen City.

A feisty visa battle later she is now on her way to become a law-abiding, proper, non-J-walking, permanent resident. No, her American citizen dog was not able to sponsor her. Perhaps that might change after the next immigration reform?!

In her spare time this quirky lady enjoys socializing with her friends, good food (cooking and eating), hiking, traveling, the Carolina Panthers and designing jewelry. Yes, You can own your very own piece of Sannipanni’s unique, hand-crafted jewelry. The first step is to go here and pick out which one you love best.

After having succesfully been her dog’s human for a few years now and not having smothered him thanks to a wine induced overwhelming feeling of love she now feels ready to tackle additional grown-up things such as cohabiting and mortgages. OK so maybe that whole living on a different continent all by yourself thing helped grow up, too, but Alfi is a cuter excuse!

She hopes You enjoy browsing through her blog and is looking forward to reading a comment or two from You! She would be happy to answer any questions you might have along the way! If you would like to stay connected, why not subscribe to this blog via the button on the side or through one of the social media sites?!




One response to “Who In The World Is Sannipanni?

  1. Hahaha wish Alfi could sponsor you! But I think you already deserve the visa as you have been talking marvellous about your ‘new’ country!

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