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Blog Migration

Huzzah, I am super excited to report that I have FINALLY moved my blog over to its proper home at

While I was at it I refreshed the design just a tad bit so go check it out and update your bookmarks and links as I will no longer update this blog.

So long and thank you for having me!


Spring is here!

Finally finally finally spring has arrived! This winter was unusually cold for North Carolina. It’s not every year that we get a foot of snow! Strangely enough zee parents kept telling me it was an unusually warm winter in Germany. Go figure!
In any case, spring is here now and will hopefully stay. Mind you spring in the Carolinas usually means 25C all of a sudden with a few days of what us Central Europeans think of as spring.
So while in the fall and winter we spent a lot of time working on our house’s insides now we’re hitting the yard.
I have this experiment going on called “a garden”. You could also call it project “I hope my thumb is greener than it looks”.
Michael helped me build a raised garden bed and fence and I sowed carrots, beers, spinach, arugula, mesclun and lettuce. Three weeks later things have sprouted!!! To me, that’s success! If all goes well we should be able to harvest our own organic, locally grown, garden to table veggies in a few weeks! OMG! My farmer step-dad is so proud.


Then we also got patio furniture! In fact, I’m sitting on one of the comfy chairs right now typing this! The birds are chirping, Alfi-Dog is laying next to me and right at this moment life is good.
The patio is still work in progress and I have lots of plans for some more additions once I get back from next week’s trade show in – drumroll – Sweden!!!
For now, cheers my dears!


All Hands On Deck

While the inside of our home still looks like a mini minefield that I get under control every few days only to then succumb to some new giant card board box that shows up in the middle of our hall way, the great outdoors are shaping up nicely.

We’ve been doing some work in the yard – due to our opposing work schedules this months with quite the gender division. He’s been working really hard to save our poor, neglected deck. I’ve been working on more beautiful things – flowers.

So far he’s saved the trim and the privacy wall that sits on one side of our deck. First he patched up the damaged areas. Then he cleaned the wood with wood cleaner (it has amazing before and after photos on the bottle but our before must have not been that dirty to begin with based on the contrast we saw (or barely saw). Nonetheless it takes off grime and in our case more important sap from the trees. Then he applied a lovely looking brown solid stain to add some protection from the elements. He had actually suggested two very pretty colors, a tan for the deck and a reddish brown for the wall and trim. Looks great so far!

Wood Filler Staining the trim

Deck with dark trim

Yes, you saw that right, that’s a head lamp. Between coats we went on a little walk in the park and dinner at the brewery date with our dog. The housemonster then went back to work. He said he finished at 1am. Outsh! And yes, I tried very hard to help him but my gosh he’s so STUBBORN! I did clean the deck today so he can go at it tomorrow with RescueIt. Can’t wait to see it all done, put the furniture back on there and sip a glass of wine on our deck!

Chocolate and Teal

I love the combination of chocolate and turquoise. In fact, they’re the colors my bedroom is in. 🙂

‘Turquoise and Chocaolate Favorites’ by sannipanni

Man oh man do I love this color combination!!

Andromeda II




Wasp City Teal – Punk r…


Placid Evening…HUGE O…


Appetizer Platter with …


The Bazaar Arm Warmers …


Peacock and Paisley… …


Coin Bank Decoupaged Em…


Earrings Teal Brown Gem…


Headband, Girls, Childr…


Teal plume silk-lined c…


Turquoise dyed agate ne…


Smiling Sugar Skulls wi…


Hand Painted Ultra Meri…


Crinkle Buddy Sensory O…


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Grand Opening!

Sannagemachte OhrringeI am happy to announce that my jewelry is now available for purchase online!
Slowly but steadily I will be adding all my beauties to the store so please check back frequently.

For all my blog friends, please convo me and mention “harvestmoon” for a $2 discount! =)