Our Story

It all began on Michael’s 32nd birthday, e-harmony matched us and Sandra thought “Ah what the heck, he looks fine and he enjoys football and outdoor activities – I might as well write him before my membership expires”. After three months on that dating platform I was somewhat disillusioned with finding sane and good-looking guys on there but what did I have to lose?! Then more than a month passed before we managed to go on our first date as we were both quite busy traveling.

Of course I suggested going to my favorite sushi place, Ru Sans, just to make sure that if the blind date were awful at least the food would be good. Little did I expect I would be having dinner with my future husband! But yes, I was pleasantly surprised by my date, he was not just not-ugly but actually REALLY attractive and our conversation flowed so well, before we knew it, we were almost the last people in the restaurant! Dang, that was a fun date!

It only took an entire five dates until our first kiss!! Michael thought perhaps Sandra was more into free meals than him but it really only was a bad cold that she didn’t want to give him! True story!

A wonderful time of dating followed and soon we went on our first weekend trip to Washington DC, attended sport events, hiked, cooked together and even went on vacation with Michael’s parents to Colorado. Great times!

The next spring Michael flew the whole 4000 miles to meet Sandra’s parents in Germany. Though he could only stay 3 days, getting him over there was priceless!

We had talked about moving in together at that point and the more we talked about it the more it transpired that we would hate to waste any more money on rent. After doing the math we found the idea of owning our next home much more satisfying. With a lot of luck, our dream home fell into our laps and we’ve been homeowners since last summer. Home-ownership has been a great adventure and Michael has been doing wonders with our 1967 house!

It’s been a wonderful, wonderful two years together and we continue to be so grateful to have met our quirky soul-mates. Can’t wait to say our “I do!”s in September!



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