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Your Words Touch My Heart

I was checking my Etsy notifications earlier today and was so excited to see another super sweet review for one of the bracelets I had made. To this day it still boggles my mind that I have not only created something that I like but something that people on occasion like to buy for themselves or as gifts for their loved ones. Then to hear how much you like your piece is soooo encouraging and special to me!

Mind you I was never the best in class in arts class back in school so this chick has low arts and crafts self esteem. So all your wonderful words really mean the world to me! Thank you so much for the kind reviews of my Sannipanni Jewelry!

As beautiful as it looks on the picture. Fits brilliantly and matches my rose quartz earrings gorgeously. Great use of various semi precious gems without making it look tacky. Item arrived in a secure package. Friendly seller – highly recommended!
~ ~ ~
This bracelet is absolutely beautiful! The designer was accommodating to adjust the size and even include a nice note and tea!! I’m very happy with my purchase!
~ ~ ~
Smaller than I thought. But it is really cute and beautiful. The seller also is very nice. I like it!!!
~ ~ ~
Got the bracelet, and i have to admit it’s much more prettier than it was in the photo. Very much appreciated. Totally worth it 🙂
~ ~ ~
Sannipanni was super quick to answer my questions and ship my item. It arrived in the sweetest packaging, too! I love this necklace!
~ ~ ~
I bought these for a friend for Christmas. They look amazing. Shipping was super fast! I’m sure I’ll buy from Sannipanni again!
~ ~ ~
Clearly handmade, very beautiful. Fast shipping. Thank you!


Shape – Photo A Day 8

Round Amethysts - Shape - Photo A Day 8 #latergram #fmsphotoaday

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Round Amethysts
I’ve been neglecting my jewelry making. I have soooo many beautiful beads that are just screaming to become part of a very special accessory for some pretty lady out there. And considering that jewelry making is one of my resolutions for 2013 I should be cranking out new pieces left and right. But, I am lacking inspiration right now. What is writer’s block for the jewelry maker? Beading block? Hmmm! Well, perhaps this weekend. The amethysts are out of my craft cabinet so I might as well transform them from round shaped stones into a dashing ensemble of hand-made jewelry.

Hammered Brass-Tone Ring Earrings with Blue Quartzite

Hammered Brass-Tone Ring Earrings with Blue QuartziteLove these baby blue quartzite earrings that I made the other day!
Elegant yet fun, these brass tone earrings sport a 6mm light blue quartzite gem that dangles from a trendy, hammered hoop.
These capri blue and brass beauties would be awesome to wear on a winter date with a winter color top (I’m thinking cream, light blue, winter white, black,…). Yet they’ll also complete your outfit come spring and summer when the sky’s blue matches these cute quartzite beads.

XO Sannipanni

Color Challenge Reveal

What a fun project this was! Call me slightly insane as November was looking to be super busy with a conference in Savannah and a trade show in New York but I loved both color palettes I was given in this challenge so much I wanted to make something for both.

1. Richat Structure

This stunning satellite photo of the Eye of The Sahara or Richat Structure inspired Birgit’s birthday necklace:

The satellite photo immediately reminded me of a green aventurine donut that I had in my stash. I paired it with aventurine chips, dark green saguaro jasper, semi-baroque pearls and seed beads. Everyone knows Saguaro Cacti so what better gem to use in a dessert inspired piece of jewelry?! Anyway, my BFF who got it for her birthday seemed to like it. 🙂

2. Campeche

This bay in south-eastern Mexico looks too awesome! I instantly craved being at the beach with a margarita in my hand. Alas, I had more pressing things to do like designing a Campeche-inspired bracelet. I did want to incorporate the fun Mexican feel this photo gave me so I went digging through my beads. While I found the cutest red flower beads and gorgeous teal beads, something was missing. The gals at Beads on A String shop luckily had just what I wanted: a luscious giant pebble of red coral. Yum!

Campeche Bracelet

For a while now I had been wanting to use these woody feel Betel nut beads so I combined them with the pebble and red quartzite for the center strand of the bracelet. I added a strand of imperial jasper and three of the dainty red flower beads. I love how they are carved but was always worried they would make a piece look like fresh out of a Chinese restaurant. Disaster averted I’d say. Quite pleased with how fun they look next to the turquoise jasper.

For the third strand I strung red shell beads and three bigger imperial jasper beads. Then I carefully twisted and braided the strands and attached them to the other end clasp. This was my first time to try to make a twisted three strands bracelet and let me tell you, after all that careful arranging it was a bit disappointing to see how with some twisting and turning of the clasp you can straighten them back out and re-braid them. Duh! Nice surprise I suppose. 🙂

I’m quite pleased with how these two projects turned out and had a lot of fun pushing my jewelry making horizon. What a great challenge!

Challenge of Color

I’m quite excited to participate in my first jewelry challenge. Erin and Brandi have hosted these color challenges twice before and I was thrilled to see I found their blogs just as this year’s started.

Every participant receives two pallets and will be crafting an accessory with one or both color schemes. What a fab idea! I’ve been eagerly awaiting my colors and was thrilled to receive these two GORGEOUS palettes from the US Geological Survey’s satellite image gallery:

The so-called Richat Structure is a geological formation in the Maur Adrar Desert in the African country of Mauritania. Although it resembles an impact crater, the Richat Structure formed when a volcanic dome hardened and gradually eroded, exposing the onion-like layers of rock.

Named after the ancient Mayan Province of Kimpech, the state of Campeche comprises much of the western half of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Rivers in southern Campeche drain into the immense Terminos Lagoon, the entrance to which is protected by a long barrier island, Isla Del Carmen.

What a beautiful planet we live on! So I’ll get cracking on those and will reveal my projects here on November 30th.